A helping hand for entrepreneurs doing business in Buenos Aires

Imagine legal consultants who are as interested in what you do as you are. Who understand the value of your new product or new transaction. Who are prepared to work with you to create it, protect it and maximize your
opportunity to derive value from it. Who’ll help you to bring it to fruition, or bring it to market, or sell it.
And, who are prepared to zealously defend it – in or out of court.

Imagine legal consultants with imagination. This is IgnitionBA.

IgnitionBA is a legal consultancy firm created to provide assessment for foreign entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires.

You may be either a qualified businessman or a young entrepreneur who became infatuated with Argentina while visiting and decided to stay, in any case we will show you what the legal framework is and how your business idea can be carried out always mindful of your needs and expectations.

Because we believe in the value of your ideas, we want you to focus on the creative aspect of your business while we show you what path to follow.

We're quick and we're focused

We always strive to get straight to the heart of a matter to deliver optimum and cost-effective solutions. We are practical legal consultants and problem solvers who take a "hands-on, get out from behind the desk" approach to solving client problems.

The right tool for the right job

We look at every problem in its context to find its solution. If it means hard-nosed litigation, we will do it. If the problem lends itself better to mediation or negotiation, we will use those tools instead. If the solution calls for a special skill we will find the right person for it. Our focus is on what works for our clients.

Sensitive to your budget

We recognize young entrepreneurs and small businesses are concerned about legal fees disproportionate to the amount in dispute or to the effort actually required. By paying special attention to the economics of each matter, we deliver efficient, quality representation.

We match the task to the skill level required to maximize efficiencies without sacrificing quality.

We are flexible on billing arrangements and much of what we do is on a flat fee basis, where you know what you will be paying in advance.

We're problem solvers covering four main areas of practice:

a) We help you set up your company in Buenos Aires;
b) We advise you on Intellectual Property matters, (i.e. Trademark registration);
c) We draft and negotiate the terms of the contracts you will enter into while doing business.
d) We advise you on immigration law matters (i.e. obtaining your permanent residency)

How we do it.

We structure our assessment in three main phases:

a) We listen to our client's concerns and expectations;
b) We come up with a roadmap that covers up our client's purposes;
c) We carry out our roadmap as agreed

A) Company formation

In today's business environment, it is increasingly important that business owners protect their personal assets.

Choice of business entity is one of the most important decisions IgnitionBA helps clients make. We counsel
entrepreneurs and businesses on whether a new venture should be structured as a corporation, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or joint venture, including the important implications for tax liabilities, tax issues at
formation, capitalizing the business, distributing funds from the business, and exposure to personal liability. From formation to dissolution, handling all of the transactional legal issues that a business may face over its existence.

The selection of the form of the entity will have a variety of consequences during the life of the business. For example, it may affect whether the principal will be liable for the obligations of the business; it may influence what assets the principal will transfer to the business; and it will determine to a great extent whether the business will continue to operate after the principal has ceased to participate in it. It is therefore necessary to consider both the short-term and long-term goals of the business and the nature of the business itself in order to determine the form of legal entity best suited for the operation of any given business.

Business law services offered include entity selection, business organization, business incorporation, risk
management, contract development, document review and research, and obtaining the necessary state
registrations, licenses and permits.

B) Intellectual Property Protection

Your creativity in the shape of IP rights gives added value to your business whilst protecting your ideas against

Additionally, to help our start-up and small business clients quickly gain exposure on the internet, our tech
professionals offer strategic advice with respect to web development, content development, domain name
selection, and other appropriate blends of technology, trademark registration, patents and industrial designs.

We invite you to contact us to ensure that your business is properly set-up to transact business online.

C) Contract Negotiation, Drafting And Management

We like to think of contracts as materialization of will. Goodwill leads to success.

IgnitionBA is determined to exceed client expectations and devoted to making our clients' transactions smooth, fast and cost-efficient. Litigation can be avoided through carefully-drafted clauses.

We understand that contracts and agreements in business are inevitable. We review, negotiate, interpret and draft a broad range of agreements and contracts that businesses are likely to encounter.

Successful businesses not only seize opportunities, they carefully plan for them with our help.

D) Immigration Law

Tired of travelling to neighbouring countries every three months?

Get advice on what your options are. We'll help you through the process of applying for permanent residency in Argentina.

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